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Dragon 13 not working with some text boxes

Appreciate your response Jon! And thank you for giving me a chance to make my program known on your website.
Yes, it's a really nice set of tools. Customers who bought it were very pleased with it.


Dragon 13 not working with some text boxes

You should definitely check out the Speech Productivity Dictation Box. This will definitely solve your dictation problems in web boxes.
It is four times faster than the native Dragon dictation box!

You will find the other three utilities equally interesting:

Productivity add-ons for Dragon NaturallySpeaking pro

Speech Productivity add-ons for Dragon has just been updated to version 2.0. It now also features Quick correct. A very cool new feature to do batch correcting to your documents. Replace multiple occurrences of words, sentences, unwanted spaces, commas and pretty much anything you'd like to replace with just two voice commands.

 - Also added two power commands for the fast dictation box to speed things up even more.

- Quick store has some major improvements.

Current customers will get this upgrade for free.

Here is the updated Speech Productivity introduction video:


Productivity add-ons for Dragon NaturallySpeaking pro

I've just released my Speech Productivity utilities pack.

It consists of three small Dragon add-ons to boost your productivity.

For those interested:


There's also an introduction video: 



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