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Microphone for new Macbook Pro

Dear Jon:

I received the Speechware   Speech Mike yesterday.  Today I connected it to my MacBook Pro with your suggested configuration and put it through its paces.

I’m extremely happy with its performance and ease of use.  The degree of accuracy when used on my MacBook Pro with Dragon for Mac is absolutely astonishing.

The small Adapter and mike fit easily in my hand and the cord, with three component parts, although looking like a Rube Goldberg device, worked very comfortably.  It permits me to hold the microphone close to my mouth and fits comfortably in my hand, being virtually weightless, unlike the Phillips products.

Due to my personal idiosyncrasies, a fantastic extra bonus is the fact that I can use the microphone when my wife comes into my office and interrupts me!

Microphone for new Macbook Pro
sorry. partial message transmitted.  Here's the rest

Would the $89 tabletmike pugged into the microphone jack work as a handheld mike?
Microphone for new Macbook Pro
The Macbook Pro has 3 USB-C ports.
Any recommendations for an external mike which can connect with it.  Travel Mike won't work, for several reasons.
Am assuming the the internal mike with not be sufficient for use with Dragon for Mac. Would appreciate comments.
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