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Blue tooth mike connection to i pad
Thanks so much Kevin I appreciate the time

Regards Brian
Blue tooth mike connection to i pad
Thanks so much wwwjk for the reply. I really appreciate that . As it stands at the moment I have connected a blue tooth mike to, the I pad and it si now ( as you have pointed out) a matter of getting the right software .
The criteria being that the I pad must be open to receive text all the time as it is the wife who will wish to initiate contact ( the deaf person of course need only speak to do so) And must print in real time.
Cant find the right software yet but will try I padd notes as you suggest.

Thanks again and happy new year
Blue tooth mike connection to i pad
I have a problem trying to help a dear friend who is terminally ill and who now cant hear. I am trying to put some simple voice recognition software on to an I pad so that his wife who is wearing the mike can talk to him while she is mobile. Unfortunately I am not that savvy and don't know which software would be appropriate and how to get it to connect to the mike, Any ideas greatfully accepted


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