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Sennheiser mic not working
I've been using a Sennheiser ME 3-ew mic with Andrea Pureaudio USB adapter with Dragon for the last two years. Today the mic doesn't appear to be working. Dragon wasn't picking up on anything I was saying, but it doesn't seem to be a Dragon issue: I tried doing an audio recording with Audacity, as well as a recording in Windows audio set up (I'm running Windows 8.1) without success. My operating system is recognizing the mic: it appears in the list of my recording devices in the control panel, it just doesn't seem to be "hearing" it. The recordings I made came out just as soft static.

The mic appears to be in normal condition physically, and there are no mute/volume buttons on it. In the windows sound control panel, the volume for the microphone is on high. The last time I successfully used the microphone was five days ago, and the mic has just been sitting on my desk in my office since then.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions, thanks –
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