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powermic II dictation
Okay, I am not sure what I did, but it seems to be working correctly now. I did delete another microphone source in my user settings (even though PowerMic was already highlighted), so maybe I removed some sort of conflict. Anyway, it is working well now. Thanks for the help.
powermic II dictation
Jon, thanks. I have done all of that. The PowerMic tab does appear in the options menu and, by default, the dictate button does have "press to talk" checked for "dictation". I am not sure why the mic pics up my voice (and surrounding sounds) when the dictate button is not pressed.
powermic II dictation
My PowerMic II seems to hear me even when I do not have the dictation button pressed (while using Dragon 10.1 medical). Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions? Thanks in advance.
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