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question about Radio Shack Sennheiser knockoffs
The one Radio Shack mic does have the extension with the button cell *357/303" but the other one did not come with it. What IS the purpose of the battery? i always wondered that. I was going to give it to my daughter to use.  The extension ends in a min-jack or whatever it is called.  i hope these are the "good" Radio Shack mics. 

I am sorry i was not clear. The button cell holder and on-off switch were in the only "pod" I was referring to. I do have the Andrea USB pod as well, actually two. (and the Sennheiser, and an Andrea 750?, my first)
question about Radio Shack Sennheiser knockoffs

I have not used this forum for a long time, since it was e-microphones. Due to moving home and office, travelling, and mostly misplacing things, I have several microphones for speech recognition. I also bought some long ago  in an effort to improve accuracy.  As I write I cannot find one of the Radio Shack mics I have a question about. I bought them over 5 years ago.

One is model 33-3012 which has a small pod with a button cell and an on-off switch. The model number is on both mic and pod so it was not added later.  The other (which I cannot find) does not have the small pod and I do not have the model number. I will likely repost if and when I find it. 

What does the pod do? What happens without the pod? 

What is the difference between them?
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