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How to get audio-technica BPHS1 headset mic to work with Dragon N.S. 12.5?
Thanks for your comments Jon and Tony.

Of course, I tried several times to  create both a new source and a new profile.  However, no matter what I tried, Dragon would not recognize the headset mic.

I eventually took my PC, with the headset, to the shop where I bought the headset.  Two technicians there then tried for a couple weeks to get it to work without success.  They double checked that the headset worked perfectly OK by itself when connected to other audio equipment directly via its 1/2" KXL connector.  They also double checked that the KXL-USB cable and the pre amps they tried to use to allow the mic to record via a USB port worked correctly.  They also tried using various software such as Realtec. They eventually gave up and gave me a refund for the headset. 

I wrote a summary of my experience (similar to this posting) to post at the audio-technical headset forum.  However, audio-technical blocked my post.  They said it breached their forum's guidelines.  However, I carefully read the guidelines before writing the post, and am certain that I didn't contravene any guideline.  I can only surmise that they did not want other people to become aware of the problem.

I don't understand Tony's comment that, '...we identified the root issue as a bad device ID string in the firmware,'.  What firmware are you talking about?  Does this mean the particular headset might be faulty, and that another one of the same model might work correctly? 

In any case, I am back to square one.  I am still looking for a solution.  I need a good quality, noise cancelling USB mic with a high SNR that is tuned for recording voice in order to record commercial quality podcasts.  I also need a very accurate mic that will work with Dragon Naturally speaking 12.5 without 'issues'.  I am a writer and normally spend a lot of time using voice dictation, so efficiency (accuracy) is important. 

I have an Andrea NC-185VM USB headset that I currently use with Dragon -- but with only mediocre accuracy at best.  What is more, the tone/quality of the voice sounds I can record with it is not good enough for the podcasts I need to record.

I am now ready to give up the holy grail of finding a good quality mic in a headset after my great waste of time and energy trying to get the audio-technica BPHS1 headset to work.  I would now be happy to get a separate USB mic if needs be.

Suggestions would be appreciated.



How to get audio-technica BPHS1 headset mic to work with Dragon N.S. 12.5?



I bought an audio-technica BPHS1 headset to use with DNS 12.5 on a PC running on Windows 8.1.  I also wanted to use the headset to record podcasts, as well as to listen to music.  The salesman at the shop where I bought it, sold me a XKL-M to USB cable -- which he assured me would enable the headset mic cable to connect with a USB port on the PC.  As you are no doubt aware, this strategy bypasses the sound card and any resulting issues or loss of sound quality.


However, the computer would not recognize the USB cable.  I took it, and the PC, back to the retailer.  He tried using a pre-amp connected to the USB port instead of the cable, but that would not work either.


He then made a XKL-M to 1/8” jack converter cable which allowed the headset mic cable to plug into a 1/8” jack on the sound card instead of the USB port.  Windows would then recognize the mic and I could record sounds using Windows Sound Recorder.   However, the sound quality was not as good as would be expected from using a USB port and negates the point of using a high quality headset mic.  In any case, Dragon would still not recognize the headset mic at all.


My questions are:

1.  Can anyone tell me what I can do to connect the headset mic to a USB port on the PC so that it works?

2.  Can anyone tell me what, if anything, I can do to get Dragon to recognize the audio-technica headset mic so that I can use it for voice dictation?





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