I have not used this forum for a long time, since it was e-microphones. Due to moving home and office, travelling, and mostly misplacing things, I have several microphones for speech recognition. I also bought some long ago  in an effort to improve accuracy.  As I write I cannot find one of the Radio Shack mics I have a question about. I bought them over 5 years ago.

One is model 33-3012 which has a small pod with a button cell and an on-off switch. The model number is on both mic and pod so it was not added later.  The other (which I cannot find) does not have the small pod and I do not have the model number. I will likely repost if and when I find it. 

What does the pod do? What happens without the pod? 

What is the difference between them?

The Radio Shack "Sennheiser Knockoff" comes with a 16 ft. extension cord which includes an on-off switch and which requires a small lithium battery.  We have always recommended against using the extension, since if the battery is dead (typically the case), the extension will actually stop the microphone from working.  If you need additional length, we recommend using a simple audio extension cable.  When Marty was selling these at he included a 6 ft. extension, as do we.

The other "Pod" which you had was probably an Andrea USB adapter, something which was often bundled with the Radio Shack mic by resellers.  This adapter plugs into a USB port on your computer and has standard 3.5 mm audio jacks into which you can plug the Radio Shack (or other) microphone.  This device takes the place of your on-board sound card and has a few advantages over the on-board sound device, including:

1.  It provides the right voltage needed for the traditional electret microphone and this assures compatibility
2.  It does the analog to digital conversion outside of the electrically "loud" environment of you computer mother board, theoretically shield the device from some interfering signals
3.  Since it serves as your sound card when using Dragon or another speech recognition product and is entirely portable, it allows you to move the sound card when you switch to another computer and therefore makes your entire profile more "portable".

Without the pod, you will simply plug the microphone into your computer sound jack and use it.  It will probably work fine.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Let me know if you have additional questions.

Jon W. Wahrenberger, MD
Speech Recognition Solutions
The one Radio Shack mic does have the extension with the button cell *357/303" but the other one did not come with it. What IS the purpose of the battery? i always wondered that. I was going to give it to my daughter to use.  The extension ends in a min-jack or whatever it is called.  i hope these are the "good" Radio Shack mics. 

I am sorry i was not clear. The button cell holder and on-off switch were in the only "pod" I was referring to. I do have the Andrea USB pod as well, actually two. (and the Sennheiser, and an Andrea 750?, my first)

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