Whether new to speech recognition or a pro, we're all looking for more information and tricks to make it even better.  Speech Recognition Solutions has put together an extensive collection of speech recognition resources to assist you in your use of this amazing technology. 

Key Contents:
  1. Speech Recognition Software:  the Medical Provider's Guide.  This 90-page guide, aimed to users of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, is a broad overview of concepts helpful to all users of Dragon.  The guide comes in the form of PDF, which you are welcome to print.
  2. Dragon Medical Practice Edition New User Training Program:  This 90 minute video, produced and narrated by Speech Recognition Solution's founder and clinical cardiologist, Jon Wahrenberger, MD, takes a new user through basic use, best practices, and tricks needed to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition efficiently and effectively.  While oriented to medical users, most of the information will be helpful to any Dragon user.
  3. Commands for Downloading:  Intended for the medical user, we provide a series of Dragon commands useful to the medical practitioner, including commands related to exam, note templates, differential diagnosis, and general utilities.  Each command set comes  with a document describing the commands, an XML version which allows you to see the contents of the command set in a web browser, and the actual .dat file for importation to your version of Dragon Professional, Medical or Legal.
  4. Miscellaneous speech recognition resources:  this is a compendium of key documents, tutorials and other helpful information, available for free on-line, but put in one place for you.  Among the documents are the following:
  • Dragon User Guides (version 10 and onward)
  • Administrative Guides
  • Dragon Workbooks (versions 10, 11 & 12)
  • Some dedicated Dragon Dictate resources
  • Our original "Guide to Dragon 10 Medical"
  • Miscellaneous speech recognition resources, including our "Accuracy Guide", "Microphone Selection Guide", "Microphone Set-up& Troubleshooting Guide"
  • Lots, lots more

    For more information, please visit our dedicated page at:

Jon W. Wahrenberger, MD
Speech Recognition Solutions

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