I've always had trouble with Dragon working in some text boxes on different webpages, but now it isn't working with a program I use for work. I work online with tutor.com and since they updated their program or since one of my Windows updates I can't dictate anything into the tutor.com program. I need to speech to text because my arms are disabled and now it looks like I'm out of a job because I can't dictate into the program. The tutoring company has done all they can to look into the problem and see if it is anything they can resolve on their end. I'm totally at a loss and I really need this job. I appreciate any help or feedback! I've disabled Windows 10 speech to text programs and updated all my drivers. The problem started around the first or second week of September.

You should definitely check out the Speech Productivity Dictation Box. This will definitely solve your dictation problems in web boxes.
It is four times faster than the native Dragon dictation box!

You will find the other three utilities equally interesting:

Rob-  Thanks for providing this helpful reply.  It looks like you've developed a great set of utilities for Dragon.  And for $25, it sounds like a bargain.  Expect an order from me soon!
Jon W. Wahrenberger, MD
Speech Recognition Solutions

Appreciate your response Jon! And thank you for giving me a chance to make my program known on your website.
Yes, it's a really nice set of tools. Customers who bought it were very pleased with it.



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