I'm wondering what microphone/soundcard combination you guys would recommend for working in a close quarters environment, something like a group of cubicles.

My initial thought is anthcom1 with a multi-adapter. I ordered a multi-adapter from you guys several months ago and was never able to work out all the kinks. Just wondering what you guys recommend for this type of situation.

Tony Fiset
Hi Tom,

This is a great question, and one that we receive quite frequently. Most microphones will perform reasonably well in environments where there is little-to-no ambient noise, and the DSP features of most USB sound cards can filter out "machine" noise (such as a fan or traffic noise) but when it comes to rejecting the bustle of a busy office environment, especially cubicle farms where there are lots of other human voices to contend with, you really need a highly directional close-talk mic that physically rejects this ambient noise, rather than filtering it out digitally.

This is where the Sennheiser ME3 really shines, and absolutely justifies its higher cost.

Designed for use with Sennheiser's wireless Evolution system for stage performers (think Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, etc.), it has an extremely tight polar pickup pattern (hypercardioid) to prevent it from picking up backup singers or instruments and muddying the lead vocals. This lends itself to very high accuracy and isolation from noise pollution when used with Dragon.

Unfortunately, because it was designed for use with the Evolution system's wireless body pack, the standard version has a locking ring on the plug that prevents it from being fully inserted in a standard 3.5mm PC audio jack. The version we sell has been customized for us by Sennheiser to include a normal plug without the locking ring, and an 8' cord that is easier to use with a desktop computer for speech recognition. If you already have a regular ME3 with the lock ring, we also sell an adapter that will allow you to use it with a PC or USB audio adapter.

To ensure compatibily with your computer and to get the best results possible, we strongly recommend using the ME3 with a USB sound pod. We've found that the more cost-effective Andrea PureAudio USB-MA works just as well as the higher-priced Buddy 7G. We also offer it as a combo kit with everything you need in one package.

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