I'm trying to avoid bothering the nice folks running the store with my probably-obvious question(s), so I'm bothering a random collection of other folks here on the forum with my probably-obvious question(s)!

I noticed the AT Pro44 mike on clearance for an absolutely ridiculously good price, but I don't have any dedicated audio equipment beyond my various sound cards or USB sound-adapters (both an Andrea Pure Audio USB-SA and a Pure Audio USB-MA).  My current mics are either direct USB plugin headset mics or or with a standard 3.5mm connector, so I've had no need for an XLRM/miniXLR connection before. 

So, my situation explained, my first question is (after searching throughout the site), is there an XLRM->USB adapter that I've missed, or is there one that would be recommended on another site?  Which leads to my second question, would it be worthwhile to pick up this mic at this price knowing I'd need to find an adapter, which may rob a little quality, but would give me the option of having a solid mic if I find myself getting better equipment in the future?

Thanks for any input, folks!
Although Speech Recognition Solutions doesn't currently sell them, there are XLR to USB cables available.  Just search for "XLR to USB" using your favorite search engine and you'll find a number of examples.  These are mostly XLR Female to USB Male cables.  If you truly need an XLR Male to USB cable, then that would be a more difficult find.

Wayne Morrison, CISSP

Director, Technical Support and Training

Speech Recognition Solutions



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